Released 23/01/06

Indelibly scarred by childhood trauma, abuse and distrust, the main character (Jamie Allen) seeking refuge and solace, loses himself in the capital city. Forced by circumstances to grow up fast, he begins to build a new life for himself, gaining confidence, although still battling his inner demons. He lives a solitary life until fate intervenes and a chance meeting in a local bar suddenly turns his life upside down. He is charmed by her beauty and enthralled by her mystique. She becomes an all consuming obsession. After their brief but intimate liaison, the woman in question (Nikki Chandler) is followed home and strangled on her doorstep. When her body is discovered it echoes the unsolved murders of three other local women. Is he innocent or does his mind hold a dark and terrible secret ? Will he discover the truth before his tormented mind snaps completely ?